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Somewhere in Oxfordshire!

Somewhere in Oxfordshire!

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I first started making mustard after splitting up from a girlfriend; this one was a significant relationship.

I thought, what's wrong with me. I'll just move to the seaside, buy a dog, and make mustard and sell it from a cart !

As time passed, I pulled myself together and ignored it. But the idea never left, and although I never moved to the seaside, I do live on a boat, and that's near enough !

So, all the mustard recipes were invented by me on my boat, hence the Mutiny name. Well that and they're very different to anything else out there.

Of course I have a beard !

My name is David Hicks. I was a chef, but for the last few years I've been involved in the greeting card, stationery and gift market.


All of them are handmade in Cumbria, England from fine quality ingredients. 

They contain no artificial colourings or preservatives.

Even the jars and lids are made in England, which ignoring all the Brexit stuff going on, I felt was important.

And the jars are made from up to 40% recycled glass too. 

Anymore than that isn't approved for food safety.

These artisan mustards themselves are all honey based, and because of the alcohol, are suitable for adults only, although you'd have to eat an awful lot of mustard to get squiffy! However, don't eat a whole jar of mustard and drive!

They are mostly suitable for vegetarians (not the Bloody Mary one as it has anchovies in) but definitely not for's the honey !

And as an extra aside, they are gluten free too.

All my mustards have real alcohol in, mainly because of the unique flavour they give. I know I might get some flack about this, but taste them, the flavours are great.

Use a teaspoon full with the normal things, or try adding to mayonnaise, vinaigrettes or gravies.

Don't have it with cereal for breakfast as it will just be weird, and will likely ruin your day.

They make great gifts too. Try giving one, or more, as a gift to your lucky friend or relative. If you buy two, you get a free gift box for them.

And please don't forget to recycle. 


So, as people ask me, I live on a converted Dutch Barge moored in Hammersmith, West London.

It was built in 1924, and almost all barges were used as cargo vessels, with mine being used to ship wood and coal. In WW2 it was moored in Holland and it was requisitioned by the German forces for storing munitions. It was then a brothel for a while, before returning to shipping wood and coal again. It was found in the Thames with a hole in the hull over twenty years ago, and it's been my home for a few years now.